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What the heck is a Portable Mural ???

It's a super simple to install, heavy weight vinyl banner,

whose quality of ink and material will last outside for years without fading or damage.

That's what it is, but what it's for 

is an opportunity to reach inside your home where you hold the love and kindness

that you want for your family and yourself,

and then bring that precious feeling outside to the world and 


what's more

By choosing to own a Mural you will be contributing 100 meals 

through the Hunger Relief Organization FEEDING AMERICA

Learn more at the bottom of this page

Let's open our hearts together, and find the joy of


embracing this transformative genius beating inside us 


New science has shown that we are All more intimately connected


through our heart's magnetic fields than we ever imagined.


Not only that, but the breakthroughs in that science have absolutely changed the understanding of our heart's functions on all levels.   LEARN MORE?

One amazing finding, is that when we consciously create what's called a "heart brain coherence", a fantastic shift in our health and well being occurs.  When we couple that with the power of our hearts magnetic connection.

we have a tool that is making a shift in global consciousness wonderfully possible, 

We can add to that possibility, by honoring the feminine in us all, and allowing it to rise to it's true recognition. 

Nurturing and care taking are vital for a healthy child.

        To see the world through our hearts like a mother caring for her child is a different world indeed 


With that VISION



I believe we are intentionaly taking part in a step in human evolution, as we integrate the male and female, the head and the heart.  With that joining we are nurturing our creative genius to find solutions for all beings to thrive.


 We re-cognize ourselves as


It's all about alignment!

Like a laser, which is actually just a whole bunch of easy going light beams put together,

alignment becomes an immense force.


There is an alignment of consciousness rising in the world today that is entering a massive paradigm shift.  

Unity on all levels is it's fundamental principle. 


As we discover the UNITY inside us and vividly see 


The art on these murals is meant as a universal language of love that reaches past politics, religions, races, etc...

I have this this wild idea to help broadcast the LOVE that this shift is really all about.


Bringing art outside so that it speaks to everybody


feels like a joyful way


to be a spark of inspiration,

for the act of courage it takes to stand in love 

and that is why you might want to 


Thank you SO VERY MUCH 

Ray McDaniel

Need another way?

How bout 

you wear ART on your HEART?

 Take this art wherever you go.

Talking with Tee Shirts is a quiet, but loud voice that goes on the place that actually houses your heart.

Check out my t-shirt site. 


or instead. How bout you


Can't do a Mural?

You don't own your house and your landlord thinks you're a bit too 'Expressive".

Fear not!

You can speak your heart with the wind wherever you like!



By choosing to own a Mural you will be contributing to

 the Hunger Relief Organization FEEDING AMERICA

Contribute 100 meals with your Mural

20 meals with a flag


Please take a moment for this quick video from the FEEDING AMERICA organization

You will be inspired and moved as you witness the care of so many people looking out for other people.

We are all in the process of awakening to the joy of our connection to ALL others through our HEARTS.

The relief of giving relief is an unequaled feeling

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