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Joined Purpose


 1. How to order     2. It's arrived      3. The simple installation process      4. The care of your Mural

Mural installed_edited.png

1. How to order

The standard ordering process in almost all retail sites applies here.


but if you happen to be unfamiliar....Simply pick out a mural from the SHOP MURALS page, click on it, and you will be transfered to a product ordering page.  Click the add to cart button and your cart will pop up on the side of the page.  Look it over and continue to shop or choose to view cart.  From there you will follow the prompts for checking out.

Likely you have done that same thing dozens of times.  So more importantly, I'm writing these instructions because I want make sure you don't overlook a couple of key factors.  Please measure the space where you plan to install the mural.  You will be super happy at the quality of your mural when it arrives and psyched to put it up.  I DON"T want you disappointed to discover that it won't fit.  These are expensive to produce and ship so unforunatly I can't be giving refunds for a mistake on your end that you can easily remedy.  Thanks so much.


For more information about the best areas of your house to put a mural, please refer to the FAQ page


The other key point is to PLEASE also be careful as you choose your mural to be sure it will look awesome where you plan to install it.  That's not as simple as just measuring, but here is a quick trick that will help.  Take your phone or tablet or even better a laptop to where your mural will go.  Bring up the mural from this site and look at the picture and the wall together.  Will the colors go well together?  Does it suit the space?  Etc...?  I apologize, but the same lack of refund policy applies here as well.  If you need advise shoot me an email with some pictures and we'll get it right.

Cool... You are on your way to   HAVING YOUR HEART ON YOUR HOUSE


3, The Simple Installation Process


D. Installing on Brick

Installing on brick is essentially the same as the installation on siding above.  The hooks are just replaced by another great invention Brick Clips.  For the bottom edge mount the clips upside down in order to have their hooks facing down to hold the Zip Ties. 


C. Grommets and Ties

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