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Alright!    Let's get some questions answered and inspire your desire to


Why that Price?

The place to start - the bottom line.  

That being said, I have made them as low priced as I feasibly can with my expences, because I want as many out there working their magic as possible.  

Another factor is FREE SHIPPING  Which actually means the cost of shipping is included.  Dont be fooled.  There is no such thing as free shipping.  When companies offer that it means they have calculated it as part of their products price.

These Murals are heavy and oversized as well as well packaged so the shipping is expensive.  I wanted you to have a super streamlined and fun experience shopping. so I included the shipping so you know the entire price upfront.

Finally and there is JOY in this one.  Included in the price is a contribution to FEEDING AMERICA. The largest, most established and well run organization for hunger relief in the USA.  Your money goes to food not management 



Fulfillment and Delivery?

As I said above, shipping is included in how I calculated the price.  By making that decision I've had to limit the choice of shipping styles down to one instead of several, like overnight, or 2 day. etc.  Your mural will be shipped UPS Ground. It will be sent from a printing company in Hudson Massachusetts.  Generally the turn around time for printing the order is 3 days.  UPS estimates shipping time to be 1 to 5 business days.  Sorry. This shipping applies only to the United States.  If you are outside of the USA please be in touch in order for me to calculate an additional charge.

Refunds and Retuns?

I'm writing these instructions because I want to make sure you don't overlook a couple of key factors.  Please measure the space where you plan to install the mural.  You will be super happy at the quality of your mural when it arrives and psyched to put it up.  I DON"T want you disappointed to discover that it won't fit.  These are expensive to produce and ship so unforunatly I can't be giving refunds for a mistake on your end that you can easily remedy.  Thanks so much.


The other key point is to PLEASE also be careful as you choose your mural to be sure it will look awesome where you plan to install it.  Here is a great trick that will help.  Take your phone or tablet or best of all a laptop to where your mural will go.   look at the mural image and the wall together.  Will the colors go well together?  Does it suit the space?  Etc...?     I apologize, but the same lack of refund policy applies here as well.  Please let me help if you need advise. Shoot me an email with some pictures of your house and we'll get it right 

Once again I want you to be psyched.  So if there is an issue, contact me right away.  I'm all in this One Heart project so I absolutely want to conduct all business with service from my Heart!

How long will my Mural last?

Excellent question, Not an absolute answer I'm afraid.  The industry estimate for printed vinyl outdoors is 3 to 6 years before noticeable fading occurs.  So I have a question for you.  Where do you live?

If you live in Phoenix Arizona where the sun can bleach rocks, or Anchorage Alaska where your spit will freeze before it hits the ground that's going to make a considerable difference.  So sun and winter are factors to take into account.

Cold weather is fine for the vinyl, but the adhesive on the Velcro will fail below 20 degrees F.  That automatically leads to the next question and the one after.

What are the best areas on my house to install a Mural?

The trick answer is that your Mural will last a lifetime indoors.  That defeats our purpose of spreading the inspiration, so the second best place by far is an exterior wall on a porch that is covered.  Sunlight is the culprit for fading the print.   A north facing wall will have the least direct sunlight a southern wall, the most.

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