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I love how words can have 2 meanings, but I especially love how some words have been holding a profound meaning hidden in plain site. The word INSPIRE is defined as--"To fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence".  At the same time it means to "inhale".  If we don't inhale we are dead. It's what gives us life.  It animates us.  Has the word been trying to tell us all along that we have to breathe in the "quickening or exalted influence" as well, or we are dead?

This page is an ongoing and changing compilation of inspiration to help us know our hearts, 

and breath a little deeper


Let's start with our heads.  Here are a few videos that speak in the language of science. They are about recent discoveries as well as ancient knowledge of how our hearts profoundly connect us to all aspects of ourselves and to all other living things.   These videos will blow your mind and inspire you to open your heart

Now for something completely different...  Here are some videos that ignite inspiration because they are all a huge celebration of somebody.   It's my vision that we all deserve to be wholly seen as the magnificent soul we truly are.

We deserve to have our hearts bursting with the joy of fully being ourselves and sharing our gifts.  From there we can't help but broadcast that energy to all souls and welcome them to the fold.


These videos happen to be all kids. and it's absolutely obvious that people want to leap with their hearts to celebrate them.  Let the kid in your heart fly with the recognition of who you are and it's contribution to us all.

Everything at it's foundational level is energy.  Energy is vibration.  So we are vibrational beings in our essence.  There has been a tremendous amount of study on the effects of vibrational frequencies on the human body.  There are a series of frequencies called Solfeggio that have the most harmonizing influences with each one having a particular expression.  Here are some samples to try.  They are a fantastic healing resourse that can be used as aids to meditation or a potent soothing background.   Search YouTube for many more.

Talk about GOOD Vibrations.. Mon  These next videos are truly a spectacular display of oneness.  They have all been created by an organization called "Playing for Change" and everyone of them brings me to tears with the joy of shared vision.   Each one mixes video and musicians from all over the world to collaborate on a song.  They are a celebration of one heart speaking to us all.  If you watch one, you're going to watch them all because they make you feel freekin great!!!

Opening our hearts takes courage,  Even being kind to ourselves sometimes feels impossible.  These videos can help redeem our faith in humanity as they touch our hearts with kindness.  What would it be like if this was the dominant kind of news that gets broadcasted every day?

We are ONE People - One Hart.  Here are 4 videos from 3 woman that I absolutely adore.  Chapel Hart is the name of the group.   An awesomely appropriate name for the context of this site.  Their music is pure joy and jammed with crazy good life which is a total reason for including them here. But another fantastic reason is that these ladies have broken into country music stardom.  For a century plus, pop. jazz, and then rock have wildly celebrated black musicians and singers.  Country music has been a hold out.  These woman have broken a huge barrier with their joyous music that celebrates us all as just people not color.  There is SO MUCH heart in Chapel Hart you will LOVE them!!!

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