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"Dont pay any attention to the man behind the curtain"

said the man portraying himself as the Wizard of OZ


I call this guy "The Time Weaver"

Why weave in the OZ reference?   Because the story of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tinman illustrates one of our greatest learnings here on earth.  At the conclusion when the Wizard bestows his simple help to those characters, what he gives are only a reflection of who they already were.  A medal for courage, a diploma for brains, a watch for a beautiful heart, and the way to use those ruby slippers -- "There's no place like home"   All of those gifts simply said, you are seen and celebrated.  You are what you sought out to be.

My mission, my hope, with this One Heart project is to be a reminder of who we already are.  In our hearts, if we let them, they speak of the gifts of our soul, The time has come for us to let them, and what the hell, tell everyone else they can too.


AHHH   Here's the man behind the curtain.  The wizard himself

I want to extend myself through this project and this site.  So I will tell you some things about me, with the hope that you feel my comraderie in this earth school process of remembering who we really are.

That being said we'll jump right in to what at a deep level I remembered my whole life.  You with me here?  Did you as a kid or sometime look around and go WTF!!! this isn;t where I'm from?  For whatever reason I always could feel the dimension, you could say, where my soul lived.  We all really do, but it gets pretty crowded down here and gets lost.

I'll tell you a funny confession of sorts that works like a charm for me, but also illustrates what I want to do with that Soul memory.  I watch talent show first audition videos on youtube.  The whole world has those shows now and I think this is why.  It's that moment, sometimes with the first note and sometimes with the Golden Buzzer that the miracle happens  That contestant is seen in their GLORY and the whole audience wants madly to let them know.  I call it looking into our Soul, or God or Universe mirror and when I see it happening for someone the energy pours out of me wanting everybody to have that experience.  


"Sailing to Wonderland"

You see I've got this imagination.

Aye Alice?

The eternal beloved wonderland of creative imagination with art at the wheel.  Art has been my imaginations delivery system, it's salvation, it's love and it's curse.  Curse???  Yup... Because what you can imagine in just one minute could take years to produce.  To be compelled to continully try, you could call a curse.  

I made art.  I made a lot of art and it wasn't enough.  It wasn't good enough.  It needed to be perfect and then more perfecter.  Suffering with not being enough is a plague that literally most of humanity suffers with, whether they tell you or not.  It's the amnesia factor of forgetting who we really are.  Which brings me back to golden buzzers, OZ and what I truly would love to give


The time has come.  There is a wave like a miracle, like a breath deeper than oceans running through our world.  Our hearts know it.  We remember it.  It's a golden buzzer in our Soul mirror.  Its the wizard handing us an honorary degree. It's the little kid in us standing on the top of the hill freaking laughing their ass off knowing I AM ENOUGH..


The path has been a long one, but the energy for transformation is here.

Seeing ourselves as enough translates into every level of our being.  It is our foundation in wholeness.  From there we attract and contribute the extraordinary power of alignment with our purpose.


 in alignment

we are a new world and


to take that on

Having a vision is one thing.  Knowing it's possible is another.  The two go hand in hand though and to nurture them both makes a circuit.  Practice is vital and support is crucial.  Practice and support are the circuit.  I mean for my words to hopefully inspire both of those with the reassurance that the wave is with us.

Surf it home


OK then.   Thank you so much for plowing through all that.

Whatever has brought you here I am so grateful that you have come.  If it is of service to you I am honored.  Thank You

Now if you so choose let's



"I don't know.  You think they think I've got a bit too much imagination?  At least you and I are in this together.  Right?  .........Are you still listening?"

For loads more of my art, visit my site      RAYMCDANIEL.COM

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